Monday, March 9, 2009

Eat Kerang Bakar @ Pantai Remis

Pantai Remis is a beach located in Daerah Kuala Selangor of Selangor. From Klang, just take Jalan Kapar. Drive straight until batu empat belas of Jalan Kapar and you will see Masjid (mosque) Al-Naim  and then a Petronas petrol station on your left. Then take left turn after Petronas and the road will lead you to Pantai Remis.

Pantai Remis is famous with Kerang (Cockle). One of my purpose to visit this place is to try local cooked cockles - fried (bakar) and steam (rebus) but personlly prefer to eat bakar kerang. One plate of cooked cockles only cost me RM4.00 per plate. I have ordered two plates (one rebus and one bakar) and enough for 3 persons to eat. I ate it as my lunch until stomach full. Hehe......

Besides cooked cockles, there are plenty of stalls selling live cockles and other shell-type of seafood which are very fresh and cheap. Also got other stalls selling flying kites (can play kites here since very windy) and sourvenir.

Can try to bring your family here for a short trip if you have nothing to do during the weekend.


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